Our Covid Policy

Terms and conditions

Birdtour Asia Covid-19 Policies

The health and safety of tour participants, guides and drivers is of upmost importance to Birdtour Asia, and the following policies are designed to assist in this objective, and to clarify the company’s position.


We will require that all tour participants are fully vaccinated and proof of vaccination will be required prior to the tour. Full vaccination means two doses of Astra Zeneca, Pfizer, Moderna, Sputnik V, Sinopharm or Sinovac with the last dose being at least 2 weeks prior to travel. In the case of the Janssen vaccine (Johnson & Johnson) only a single dose at least 2 weeks before travel is required. Several countries are now making a booster a mandatory requirement to be classed as fully vaccinated.
All of our Birdtour Asia leaders and local guides and drivers we employ on tour will also be fully vaccinated.

Covid-19 Testing

Air travelers will be required to show a negative PCR Covid-19 test taken within 48-72 hours of their first flight for entry into most countries and it will be the responsibility of the tour participants to arrange and pay for these tests. Birdtour Asia will not make refunds to anyone who is unable to join the tour because of a failure to take the required test or due to a positive test result. We recommend that participants carry with them a lateral flow test kit so they can check themselves if required during a tour, particularly if they display Covid symptoms.
Participants may require a PCR Covid-19 test prior to their return flight and though Birdtour Asia will assist in arranging such testing they will not be responsible for the costs involved. Should the tour participant test positive from this test the costs of remaining in isolation at the final destination will be borne by the participant. If you require regular medication please make sure you take enough on the tour to cover the eventuality of a positive final test and having to isolate for a number of days (depending on country rules).

Covid-19 Related Costs

Tour costs do not cover any Covid-19 related costs that may arise. These include, but are not restricted to, testing, medical/hospital fees, ambulances, transport, accommodation, and flight change fees required due to possible quarantine or other Covid-related travel interruption. All these costs will be the responsibility of the tour participant. It is therefore vital that participants obtain appropriate medical insurance prior to travel to include Covid-19 cover and emergency evacuation. Please be aware also that some countries are now not accepting travellers without Covid-19 medical insurance.

Face-masking and sanitizing

All Birdtour Asia tour guides, local guides and drivers, along with tour participants will be expected to follow in-country government Covid-19 regulations and protocol relating to mask-wearing. In general this may require mask wearing in indoor settings except when drinking and eating. You must bring your own face masks, we would highly recommended bringing several to ensure the mask remain effective and hygienic. Participants will not be required to wear masks in outdoor settings including while birding but are welcome to do so if they so wish. Inside our private vehicles and at meal times we will have hand sanitizer available at all times. Please also bring your own pocket hand sanitizer for personal use when required. Generally, in most Asian countries this is available on entry into most shopping areas, hotels and restaurants.

Medical Insurance

The travel insurance required as outlined in our Terms and Conditions should contain cover that includes medical cover for Covid-19 (many travel insurances can include medical expenses related to Covid-19, but not travel-related Covid-19 issues). For some destinations, this is a requirement for entry; this is your responsibility, not Birdtour Asia.

Participant agreement

All participants joining a Birdtour Asia tour must have read and agreed to our Covid policy. We will send the link to all participants joining a tour, which can also been viewed here.